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Code Law at a glance

We are a young legal service company situated in Zurich. The main focus is on ICT law and technology-related legal matters while at the same time covering all other legal needs that startups and entrepreneuers face in their ordinary course of business.

The company is run by Cyril Berger, who is equipped with passion for and a strong track record and expertise in projects at the interface of business, technology and law.

Closing the gap

We are not a traditional law firm. We have customers, not clients. We don’t write complicated memos but provide hands-on advice. We speak the customer’s language, not legalize. And we close the gap - we work closely with our customers to truly understand their business, goals and values and see ourselves as part of their team.  

Legal combined with technology

We are a tech-powered legal service company. We don’t have paper stacks on wooden desks. Instead, we apply state-of-the-art technology, work with a lean organization and implement efficient work processes to eliminate repetitive tasks so that we can focus on our legal tasks.

New pricing models

In addition, we apply new forms of customer-friendly pricing models like fixed prices for legal packages and monthly subscriptions. This enables cost control and transparency.

We look forward to learning about you and your projects.

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Cyril Berger

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All you need to know about legal matters when running an online store, a digital platform or website and doing SEO/SEA, newsletter or social media marketing. Everything in one booklet, easy to read and packed with helpful tips and many checklists. This guide is made for use in daily business.

53 pages, available at ex libris (German only)

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